BAS is a non-profit organization that provides grants to honest non-profit organizations in Bulgaria. Our funds help education and humanitarian programs. We have also refurbished decrepit bathrooms and kitchens in orphanages, rebuilt school libraries, helped built community centers, and this year BAS sent money to repair a roof in a senior center in Roman.

We are a 501 (c)(3) organization and invite you to join us with a tax-deductible contribution. Please read below to understand the scope of our work in 2016.


The first grant of the new year was to the Arete Foundation for their multi-ethnic camp. This camp brings teenagers together to learn about each other, study together and have camping activities.

BAS sent emergency funds to Tabitha Bulgarian Foundation to cover salary for a baba. Baba (grandma) is an older woman who works in a children’s home with one or two disabled children for at least one year. The progress made by most of these kids is remarkable. Toddlers often don’t speak and won’t walk until the baba encourages them and helps them learn. They are often challenged only because they come from abusive and hostile home environments.


BAS provided funds to Corplus for a national English language spelling bee. The first spelling bee enjoyed enormous success in under-served areas of Bulgaria. More than 6,000 children initially participated.


The Society received several tax-deductible donations from private individuals.


BAS granted funds to McKenzie Foundation for its successful Teaching Tolerance programs throughout Bulgaria.


BAS provided funds for the multi-ethnic camp, Camp Glow (Girls Leading Our World).


BAS provided a grant to Integro, an organization run by Roma for Roma to purchase textbooks for high school students. Integro maintains the books and lends them each year to students who could not otherwise afford the expense. The textbooks are returned at the end of the academic year. This project has enjoyed great success in keeping teens in school because they can finally keep up with the homework and study programs. (BAS has funded textbooks in previous years.)


BAS helped fund Association Svetlina in Samakov for its multi-ethnic activities with young people. They gather young people from difference ethnic groups who meet for study, discussions, and even cleaning the streets in their communities.

BAS provided funds to Tabitha for programs at the community house in Roman, a physiotherapist in the children’s home in Pleven, literacy lessons for adults in Pleven.

BAS funded a Corplus program to improve skills of English language teachers in under-served areas. This was an extremely successful program according to the teachers who were selected to participate.


Scholarship money was sent to Bcause (formerly Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation). In addition, there was a Toni Fund grant for an exceptional high school student and for a exceptional university student. Students must maintain a 5.5 grade point average.

Scholarship money was sent to Detstvo which provides university scholarships for teens leaving orphanages. These bright students would otherwise have no opportunity for advanced education. Many have spent their entire lives in children’s homes and have little knowledge of the outside world.


BAS funded Volta Therapy classes for the physiotherapist at the Pleven children’s home. Volta Therapy is an internationally recognized method for helping children with developmental motor delay and cerebral palsy. There are 80-100 youngsters in the Pleven home who are affected.

BAS received a generous donation especially for a baba. The funds were sent the same day.


BAS learned that Tabitha was desperately short of funds. BAS funded –

  1. Repair of a severely leaking roof at the Roman elder center
  2. Physiotherapist in Vratsa
  3. 113 sets of bed sheets that would be sewed at a sewing school

BAS relies on donations from those who want to help Bulgarians improve their lives. We ask you to join us in helping these important institutions and foundations. BAS is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.Tax-deductible donations may be made out to Bulgarian-American Society and sent to me at 7701 Granada Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817-6607

Thanks to all who helped make this a year of accomplishments for our colleagues in Bulgaria.


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