Our Christmas campaign was started with Tabitha’s participation at the Christmas Bazaar of IWC in Sofia which was a huge success. We have already started organizing the requests and needs of the children from the institutions we have been supporting and got in touch with all directors. More than 600 children and young people from 15 institution will be covered by our campaign for Christmas. Those children are blessed to have the support of donors like the BAS. We have just received the money you sent us on the extra money projects which you so thoughtfully allocated to the needy children in Bulgaria. Once again huge thanks for your kind support and personal involvement!

Woman and man holding white and red quilted fabric behind a table with Christmas lights and other objects for sale
Tabitha’s stall at the IWC Bazaar

Here is a picture picture from IWC Bazaar yesterday. All the goods, sold at Tabitha’s stall were made by the children from the institutions in Vratsa, Roman, Gorski Senovets and other homes. All the best!

From Albena Matova,
Director of Tabitha Bulgarian Foundation, which is supported by BAS


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