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2012 Annual Report

  • 1/23 -The very generous grant was received from Nellie and Robert Gipson.

  • 1/31 - BAS provided to the Association Svetlina for a Samakov summer camp for 20 Bulgarian and 20 ethnic Roma young people.

  • 2/2 - BAS provided a grant to the Peace Corps for foreign language classrooms and computers with internet connections, and a projector in the "We Learn, We Succeed" educational project.

  • 2/10 - BAS provided to the PC for a Human Capital Development project.

  • 3/8 - BAS sent PC for the Legacy Plan to be used solely for Legacy training as the Peace Corps prepares to leave Bulgaria.

  • 6/14 - BAS provided grantto Tabitha for Roman Children's Home renovation, van maintenance, the salary for a physiotherapist and the development of a computer literacy course.
  • Also in June, the Executive Committee began the assessment of requests from Detstvo, Integro, Bulgarian Charities Aid organization, Arete Foundation, the McKenzie Foundation and others.
  • 7/10 - BAS provided to the Arete Foundation for Camp GLOW.
  • 7/31 - BAS provided scholarship funding to Detstvo.
  • 8/22 -
    • BAS funded textbooks and other education-related expenses for Integro .
    • BAS provided to the McKenzie Foundation a grant for Teaching Tolerance materials and for a mobile information center
    • BAS received three private donations from Jeannie Hatcherson and two colleagues (who traveled and worked for two weeks in Bulgaria). We send the funds to theTabitha Foundation to fund the salary of one Baba in an orphanage.
  • 9/15 - BAS received a donation from Professor Ilia Dichev (Emery University) which we provided to Daniela Dimitrova of Stara Zagor Community Foundation to be used for essential school renovation.
  • 10/15 - BAS participated in the Bulgarian Charities Air Foundation (BCAF) scholarship program for high school and university students. We supported 22 high school candidates and 22 university scholars.
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