The Bulgarian-American Society (BAS) is a non-profit humanitarian organization founded in 1991 in Washington DC to assist the Bulgarian people. We work with non-profit groups and individuals in Bulgaria and the U.S, who seek to promote the welfare of the Bulgarian people, and we maintain contact with government officials in Washington DC and Sofia.

BAS relies on donations from those interested in supporting grassroot efforts in Bulgaria and all donations are used to support our grantees. As a Society, our commitment is to support honest non-profit organizations working in Bulgaria to make a positive impact in the lives of youth and underprivileged segments of society. Our annual giving, funds programs supporting education, environmental, and humanitarian efforts implemented by trusted partners. Our current and past grant receipts are listed below along with highlights of past support programs. BAS welcomes expressions of interest from those seeking funds for worthy initiatives on a rolling basis.

Our annual giving falls under general grants and three named educational scholarships. In 2018, we awarded a total of $137,120 in grants, including:

For 2019, grant making has started with the Tabitha Foundation, which was awarded $5,600 in February.

Association “MacKenzie”

The 2018 BAS grant is supporting “Building a Better Community in Burgas Region.” As of January 2019, MacKenzie has completed sessions on 13 topics with 5 schools and 1 NGO.

The grant has made an impact on teachers and students alike. Two teachers were invited to present in national education forums to share best practices and a team participated in debates hosted by The Best Foundation. Meanwhile, two student initiatives were realized with two Burgas schools hosting sessions on tolerance, facilitated by students.

Planned activities include building the educator community and developing active dialogue with the elderly.

Learn more about our work with Association “MacKenzie.”

BCause Foundation

BCause supports future doctors, engineers, teachers, economists, and artists. Their focus is on educational achievements, not students social status, and in 2006, they launched the Get Ready to Succeed scholarship program. Since then, BCause has awarded more than BGN 2,000,000 for 1,340 scholarships.

The program teaches students to compete and strive, not to rely on being an orphan. Get Ready to Succeed is a chance for them to continue their higher education and start their professional development.

Over the last 10 years BAS has contributed BGN 320,822 to the Get Ready to Succeed scholarship program. BAS funds are awarded through Tony Fund to children with exceptional achievements and very low income. Our support has resulted in 116 university student scholarships and 94 high school student scholarships. Learn more about the Get Ready to Succeed fellows in an upcoming spotlight!

Learn more about our work with BCause.


9th Bulgarian National English Spelling Bee:

  • 297 schools have registered to participate in the 2018/2019 school year competition
  • There are over 6000 students preparing for the school round of the competition.
  • Regional competitions will take place on March 23rd, 2019 in 8 towns across Bulgaria (Sofia – 2, Plovdiv – 2, Blagoevgrad, Montana, Sliven, Varna, Razgrad, Veliko Tarnovo and Montana).
  • The national final will be in Sofia on April 21. This year’s final will be held at the American College in Sofia at their new hall, built with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Learn more about our work with CORPlus Foundation.


With funds from BAS, in November of 2018 Detstvo awarded 41 scholarships to assist University and High School students. Scholarships were awarded to 25 University students who grew up in an institution for children without families, 2 students documented with disabilities by a Territorial-Expert Medical Commission, and 2 high school students also from an institution for children without parents.

Additionally, funds will be used to support 12 students from socially disadvantaged families from the National School of Folk Art “Philip Kutev” Town of Kotel, the National High School of Applied Arts -Tryavna School, Town of  Tryavna and  National School of Folk Art Shiroka laka, schools, which preserve the Bulgarian traditions in folk music and Bulgarian crafts.

Learn more about our work with Detstvo.


In 2018 and early 2019, we have supported 85 students from 7 schools by providing them textbooks and 90 students are included on our mentoring support program for overcoming the functional illiteracy among Roma students.

Learn more about our work with Integro.

Tabitha Foundation

Our work with Tabitha is extensive and covers activities in Pleven, Roman, Samokov, Vratsa, and Sofia, as well as general operations and programs like the Baba Program and Bridge Between Generations.

PLEVEN: BAS funds support a full time Physiotherapist in a socio-medical home for babies and handicapped children (80-90 children, aged 0-5 and some severely disabled children over 5 years). She is affectionate and very helpful to the children, assisting many kids to start walking.

ROMAN: Two hour literacy lessons three times a week for a group of 10 children, aged 5-11 who have serious problems with reading, writing and math. If it was not for the literacy lessons the children would seriously lag behind their classmates.

SAMOKOV: BAS funds support literacy, cooking, lessons and psychological training and individual sessions for youth in a Centre for accommodation of a family type (14 children, aged 8-17, some with mental disabilities).

VRATSA: BAS funds are used to support 2 Centers for accommodation of a family type for children with disabilities – 25 children and young adults, aged 4- 24 in the different homes. This includes a physiotherapist for 4 hours per day. During the week most of the children spend time with him in the rehabilitation center and he is the only opportunity for the children to have rehabilitation.

SOFIA: Vocational Training in Massages and Cosmetics, which provides diplomas to young adults, and gives the participants opportunities to learn a profession and a chance to enter the labor market.

For the past 7-8 years we have had over 25-30 young people who took the course and more than 18 of them went to university, got bachelor and master degrees and found a job.

Tabitha Vehicle Maintenance: We drive over 25,000 – 30,000 km per year delivering food, medications, relief, launching and supervising projects, tending to volunteers groups. BAS support pays for insurance, vignettes, repairs, taxes.

In February 2019, BAS also provided 5,000 Euro towards the purchase of a new van. Their current van is 13 years old with over 250,000 km

Baba Program: Retired women are hired for 3-4 hours a day to look after 2 children from a local orphanage like a real grandmother.

Bridge Between Generations: Supports two marginal groups: underprivileged children from a social institution and elder people, living rather isolated and lacking any contacts. Both groups crave for socialization, affections and cares.

The project is educational, enlightening and aims at broadening the minds of the children and bring emotional satisfaction to the senior people.

We organize 2-3 gatherings per month which take place at MAX Day Care Centre for elderly people in Roman.

The children from the social complex and the elderly celebrate together national holidays and other significant dates. They sing songs, cook together, and organize literary readings, plant flowers.

The elderly share their experience with the children who are happy to learn about Bulgarian traditions, history, literature and holidays. The children often perform for the older generation, read books to them, or watch films together.

The project has been supported by BAS from its beginning and gives excellent results with positive impact both on the senior people and the children. It has become a great example for the community.

Learn more about our work with Tabitha.


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