My name is Yanko Dimitrov, I am 24 years old. I was born on February, 13th, zodiac sign Aquarius. I believe this is one of the reasons that I am so obstinate in placing and following goals in life, which, unfortunately, are prohibitive for many young people who grew up in institutions or poor families.

At three years of age, I was placed in the home in the quarter Dragalevtsi in Sofia for children deprived of parental care, known by you as the location and place in which you have made a number of projects over the last 25 years. At seven years of age I was moved to a home for children Petko Rachev Slaceykov in Sofia. Together with me was one of my brothers.

I am your scholarship student from 2010. Now I receive a special scholarship BAS on the name of Ambassador Sol Polansky. This year, my brother Borislav also is your scholarship student.

I want to express my gratitude to you and the people you sponsor. Thank you and BAS for support throughout the studies. I was able to pay more attention to education and qualification thanks to the chance you gave me. Scholarship covered part of the costs, be it rent for dormitory, fees in education, food, clothing or other. You are the reason I get to this point in my live. Turning five years back, I realize that I have achieved a lot. I am able to maintain high success, I have motivation to develop self-esteem, security in my power. I am proud of the achievements. I am glad that give courage to my brother and others like him to continue their education.

In 2013 I graduated telecommunications and post college with an excellent results in Sofia with specialty “Telecommunication Informatics”. The fourth year I enrolled (countervailing training – Master) together with the current master’s degree at the Technical University, Sofia, “Computer and software engineering”. From the beginning of 2014 I started seven months training as hardware engineer in one of the largest companies in the automotive industry – “BHTC” in Lippstadt, Germany.

You cannot imagine that while supported me over the years during my studies, I have built my personality. I became – responsible, serious, brave for new challenges and at the same time patient, helpful and highly persistent. These qualities are only accumulated under the experience while I was going through very serious trials and challenges related to my personal and professional development.

If you were not with me, maybe I would not be able to get here and I might work somewhere 12 hours of hard work or to finish on the street, in prison or as a drug dealer, thief, liar, cheater, even a murderer. I give these examples because, unfortunately, there are and I personally know people that grew up together and got to each of the examples I give.

You, sure, realize how important is your support and how you influence to us – people grew up in a different type of social institution.

That’s the reason I want TO THANK YOU and, also, I would like to congratulate you for the exceptional professionalism and skills and achieved good results. I think that you, as people and organization show and prove that there is virtue and support for people like me!!!

I wish you, the people who devote their time to work with us and the generous donors, health, happiness and longevity, luck and achieved goals. Continue to encourage all of us and future scholarship students give us faith that despite the difficult past and the problems in the present, we have a future.

Yanko Dimitrov


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