My name is Desislava Ivanova Ivanova. I am 23 years old. I was born in the city of Vasil Levski – Karlovo. From 2006 to 2009 I was living in the Home for Children Without Parental Care in the city of Bratsigovo. After I graduated from high school, I applied to the Plovdiv University and was admitted pursue a degree in “Special Education.” In May 2013 I graduated with honors and to my delight was accepted to study “Innovative technologies in early childhood education and early stages of the school.” My training is part-time for two years. This master`s degree will give me the opportunity to work in kindergarten or as an educator for young school children.

Portrait shot of Desislava Ivanova
Image of the letter writer, Desislava Ivanova.

I have been receiving your scholarship since 2009. During the four years of full-time study I had financial support from the Community Fund “Childhood.” I am grateful to Mr. Stanimir Alexandrov for personal scholarship I received. This provided me with peace of mind and allowed me to concentrate on my studies. It turned out that your kindness gave me the opportunity to practice what I studied. In October 2014 I was appointed as a social worker in a home for children without parental care in Plovdiv. My work gives me a lot because I can interact with the children. I give them lots of smiles, advice and knowledge. I got used to them and they to me. I know that my presence is helpful to them. The children give me positive emotions and make me feel useful.

I am happy that I can grow and develop professionally because that is very important to me. I would like to thank the Public Fund “Childhood,” the members of the Bulgarian – American Society of Washington, all donors and volunteers for their support. Thank you from my heart, that I and all my peers have a chance to realize our life ambitions. Thank you for giving me and many of my peers belief in goodness and the courage to continue to struggle with the difficulties and to succeed.

With Gratitude,
Desislava Ivanova


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