Children in yellow and green, standing in a circle with an adult in white and red
Children at the Nezabravka Home.

More than 80% of the kids in the Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care “Nezabravka” (Forget-Me-Not), in Stara Zagora are of Roma origin. There are 45 youngsters, ages 3-7, at Nezabravka Home, half of them with mental problems due to emotional deficit. They urgently need care, affection and the support of grannies. We have recently started helping this institution because the kids desperately need support and the director of the Home, Mrs. Sojanova, is very committed and considerate of the children`s needs. She has organized all kind of activities for the children to facilitate their social inclusion. They dance, make art, play theatre, often perform in front of audience, do sport.

From Albena Matova,
Director of Tabitha Bulgarian Foundation, which is supported by BAS.


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