Understaffed social institutions and the lack of individual attention have a negative impact on the children’s progress. Their developmental is delayed, they have behavioral problems, sleeping and feeding difficulties and learning disabilities. The emotional needs of the children are sorely neglected.

The Program’s Concept

The Baba program involves retired local women, who are hired and paid on a monthly basis. They devote exclusive attention to two children who desperately need individual care.

The women are selected among a number of applicants and pass a psychological test. Subsequently they attend an intensive one-day course and are acquainted with the objectives of the program and the children’s health status and development in their early age. Each Baba gives a lot of attention and love to her “two children” by telling them stories, talking to them, taking them out for walks and encouraging the children as if they were their own grandchildren


After the bond between the granny and the children is established, the emotional development, speech skills, grosses and fine motor skill of these children improve significantly.


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