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 Continuing assistance for the 
Луковит Луковит Луковит Луковит
  • Renovation of children`s institutions
  • Support for computer learning labs for adults and young people
  • Summer camps for young people of various ethnic backgrounds
  • Bringing together of school children and old people in retirement communities
  • Textbook loans to Roma children
  • Teaching tolerance sessions for teens

Letter of Thanks from Leadership Academy GLOW Team

Dear Bulgarian-American Society Team,

We, the Leadership Academy GLOW team, would like to greatly thank you for your support!
We have successfully conducted both the Academy and its evaluation by the participants and their parents; we are eager to share the results with you!
The 60 new participants this year came from 27 different communities. Among the participants, we are proud to share that we had members from:
  • The 2016 National Biology Team of Bulgaria - a member of which is a bronze medalist from the 27th International Biology Olympiad
  • The National First Aid Team of Bulgaria for 2016,
  • Former members of the National Team in Synchronized Swimming.
Beside our main interactive sessions dedicated to leadership, teamwork, effective communication, decision making, public speaking, online image and gender roles, a special guest of the training was Daniela Dermendzieva, Dean of the Psychology Department of the University of Veliko Tarnovo. All participants took part in a specially organized by GLOW social campaign in Veliko Tarnovo on promoting positive attitude.
To celebrate GLOW's 16th anniversary, we held one of the biggest GLOW alumni get-together in Veliko Tarnovo hills. The event was organized by the volunteer staff and brought together 112 girls from the different years still carrying the GLOW spirit. Together we made a time capsule to be opened on the 20th edition of Leadership Academy GLOW in 2020. The event is the first of a series of gatherings we are planning around the world in order to make the
GLOW Alumni Network more active.  
You can see photos from the Academy here.
After the Academy we have conducted a complete evaluation asking the participants to evaluate their participation and this is what they have to say:
  •   "I can confidently say that what I have learned in the span of only a week will always be a big part of me growing up and developing as an individual. With the help of the wonderful people on GLOW, I’m now on the road to being a more creative, disciplined and far more self-reliant person. I'm surely looking forward to taking what I’ve learned and applying it in the future – in my everyday life and beyond."

(Viktoria Hristova, 18 years old)

  •  “Words cannot explain the whole Glow experience! Being a camper at Leadership Academy GLOW was one of the best things that happened to me this year- so many positive emotions,memories and new friends.Glow is something that you have to feel in order to understand how powerful and inspiring it actually is.It isn't 5 out of 5, it is 100 out of 5!️”

(Viktoria Bruncheva, 16 years old)

  •  “GLOW helped me grow as a strong, confident individual and I will be forever grateful for this!”

(Ivanina Dimitrova, 16 years old)

We also asked their parents to evaluate how the Academy influenced the development of their daughters. Their opinion is described in the attached infographic.
Thank you for making GLOW 2016 possible – the whole team thanks you for your generous support and contribution to the Leadership Academy GLOW!
The GLOW Team

Successful Christmas Bazaar

Our Christmas campaign was started with Tabitha's participation at the Christmas Bazaar of IWC in Sofia which was a huge success. We have already started organizing the requests and needs of the children from the institutions we have been supporting and got in touch with all directors. More than 600 children and young people from 15 institution will be covered by our campaign for Christmas. Those children are blessed to have the support of donors like the BAS. We have just received the money you sent us on the extra money projects which you so thoughtfully allocated to the needy children in Bulgaria. Once again huge thanks for your kind support and personal involvement!

Here is a picture picture from IWC Bazaar yesterday. All the goods, sold at Tabitha's stall were made by the children from the institutions in Vratsa, Roman, Gorski Senovets and other homes.     All the best!

Albena Matova, Director of Tabitha Bulgarian Foundation which is supported by BAS

Sofia, December, 7th, 2015  

Letter of Thanks from Yanko Dimitrov

My name is Yanko Dimitrov,  I am 24 years old. I was born on February, 13th, zodiac sign Aquarius.  I believe this is one of the reasons that I am so obstinate in placing and following goals in life, which, unfortunately, are prohibitive for many young people who grew up in institutions or poor families. 

At three years of age, I was placed in the home in the quarter Dragalevtsi in Sofia for children deprived of parental care, known by you as the location and place in which you have made a number of projects over the last 25 years.    At seven years of age I was moved to a home for children Petko Rachev Slaceykov in Sofia. Together with me was one of my brothers. 

I am your scholarship student from 2010. Now I receive a special scholarship BAS on the name of Ambassador Sol Polansky. This year, my brother Borislav also is your scholarship student.

I want to express my gratitude to you and the people you sponsor. Thank you and BAS for support throughout the studies. I was able to pay more attention to education and qualification thanks to the chance you gave me. Scholarship covered part of the costs, be it rent for dormitory, fees in education, food, clothing or other. You are the reason I get to this point in my live. Turning five years back, I realize that I have achieved a lot. I am able to maintain high success, I have motivation to develop self-esteem, security in my power. I am proud of the achievements. I am glad that give courage to my brother and others like him to continue their education.

In 2013 I graduated telecommunications and post college with an excellent results in Sofia with specialty "Telecommunication Informatics". The fourth year I enrolled (countervailing training - Master) together with the current master's degree at the Technical University, Sofia, "Computer and software engineering".  From the beginning of 2014 I started seven months training as hardware engineer in one of the largest companies in the automotive industry - "BHTC" in Lippstadt, Germany. 

You cannot imagine that while supported me over the years during my studies, I have built my personality. I became - responsible, serious, brave for new challenges and at the same time patient, helpful and highly persistent. These qualities are only accumulated under the experience while I was going through very serious trials and challenges related to my personal and professional development.

If you were not with me, maybe I would not be able to get here and I might work somewhere 12 hours of hard work or to finish on the street, in prison or as a drug dealer, thief, liar, cheater, even a murderer. I give these examples because, unfortunately, there are and I personally know people that grew up together and got to each of the examples I give.

You, sure, realize how important is your support and how you influence to us - people grew up in a different type of social institution.

That’s the reason I want TO THANK YOU and, also, I would like to congratulate you for the exceptional professionalism and skills and achieved good results. I think that you, as people and organization show and prove that there is virtue and support for people like me!!!

I wish you, the people who devote their time to work with us and the generous donors, health, happiness and longevity, luck and achieved goals. Continue to encourage all of us and future scholarship students give us faith that despite the difficult past and the problems in the present, we have a future.

Sofia, December, 17th, 2014  

   Yanko Dimitrov

Helping Dawn Syndrome Children  

"We were in Pleven last week and I made a couple of pictures with Petja, the physiotherapist. She works seriously and thanks to her efforts many children have improved. The Dawn syndrome child is 18 months old and was bedridden before Petja started working with the child when they brought the child 2 months ago. "
Albena Matova, Director of Tabitha Bulgarian Foundation which is supported by BAS

The Inauguration of a Stara Zagora Center  

"We recently attended the inauguration of a Stara Zagora Center of a family type with a priest and official blessing. Your baba was not there because it was Sunday but the two kids she cared for were having the time of their life. They were actively participating in the ceremony, smiling and laughing and were very friendly with all the people. Just a year ago those two kids could hardly walk, they never smiled or talked. The girl will be adopted soon by an American family who wants to take her and make all the necessary operations on her harelip. If it was not for the baba`s love and efforts the girl would have never stood a chance to be adopted. "

Albena Matova, Director of Tabitha Bulgarian Foundation which is supported by BAS

Letter of Thanks from Desislava Ivanova  

My name is Desislava Ivanova Ivanova. I am 23 years old. I was born in the city of Vasil Levski - Karlovo. From 2006 to 2009 I was living in the Home for Children Without Parental Care in the city of Bratsigovo. After I graduated from high school, I applied to the Plovdiv University and was admitted pursue a degree in "Special Education." In May 2013 I graduated with honors and to my delight was accepted to study "Innovative technologies in early childhood education and early stages of the school." My training is part-time for two years. This master`s degree will give me the opportunity to work in kindergarten or as an educator for young school children.

I have been receiving your scholarship since 2009. During the four years of full-time study I had financial support from the Community Fund "Childhood." I am grateful to Mr. Stanimir Alexandrov for personal scholarship I received. This provided me with peace of mind and allowed me to concentrate on my studies. It turned out that your kindness gave me the opportunity to practice what I studied. In October 2014 I was appointed as a social worker in a home for children without parental care in Plovdiv. My work gives me a lot because I can interact with the children. I give them lots of smiles, advice and knowledge. I got used to them and they to me. I know that my presence is helpful to them. The children give me positive emotions and make me feel useful.
I am happy that I can grow and develop professionally because that is very important to me. I would like to thank the Public Fund "Childhood," the members of the Bulgarian - American Society of Washington, all donors and volunteers for their support. Thank you from my heart, that I and all my peers have a chance to realize our life ambitions. Thank you for giving me and many of my peers belief in goodness and the courage to continue to struggle with the difficulties and to succeed.

With Gratitude, Desislava Ivanova 

 Children in the Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care "Nezabravka" (Forget-me-not), aged 3-7  in Stara Zagora  

"More than 80% of the kids there are of Roma origin. There are 45 youngsters at Nezabravka Home, half of them  with mental problems due to emotional deficit. They urgently need care, affection and the support of grannies. We have recently started helping this institution because the kids desperately need support and the director of the Home, Mrs.Radina Sojanova, is very committed and considerate of the children`s needs. She has organized all kind of activities for the children to facilitate their social inclusion.  They dance, make art, play theatre, often perform in front of audience, do sport. "
Albena Matova
, Director of Tabitha Bulgarian Foundation which is supported by BAS

From Krum Kostadinov Sarlov
Student of Trakia University in the town of Stara Zagora

Dear Mrs. Vasileva,
Powerless are the words with which to describe the joy of that I was able to finish my education, what I wanted to accomplish, starting from the lowest rung of society. I owe it only to you, the Public Fund "Detstvo" and your friends from the Bulgarian American Society in the city of Washington.
All these years I was calm and I had good social contacts through your moral and financial support.
There is nothing better than knowing you're not alone in this hard enough and full of difficult personal and professional life, even for children with their own families. I had no one, but I knew that there are people who support me and in difficult moments I can rely on their humanity and cordiality.

You, the Public Fund "Detstvo", and the people who support you from Bulgarian-American Society in the city of Washington gave me the truest, most importantly, most meaningful thing in life that gives me and will give me the opportunity to build life in a promising direction to create conditions of my soul to live fully. 

I have no words to describe my gratitude to you and really pray for it one day  other kids like me get that support searching for the meaning of life. Difficulties encountered by the child institution are many, but I got all I needed. Received your help of head start, I got what gets each child with their own family. 
Thank you for giving me a second life. 
With respect, Krum
May, 21st, 2013, Stara Zagora

A few of the Tabitha babas who work individually with children. 

  The understaffed social institutions and the lack of individual attention have a negative impact on the children’s progress. Their developmental is delayed, they have behavioral problems, sleeping and feeding difficulties and learning disabilities. The emotional needs of the children are sorely neglected.

·The program’s concept

The Baba program involves retired local women, who are hired and paid on a monthly basis. They devote exclusive attention to two children who desperately need individual care.

The women are selected among a number of applicants and pass a psychological test. Subsequently they attend an intensive one-day course and are acquainted with the objectives of the program and the children’s  health status and development in their early age. Each Baba gives a lot of attention and love to her “two children” by telling them stories, talking to them, taking them out for walks and encouraging the children as if they were their own grandchildren


 After the bond between the granny and the children is established, the emotional development, speech skills, grosses and fine motor skill of these children improve significantly.

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